• Sophie Buchaillard

What I have learnt

Chilling in the sun with the dog after a productive couple of weeks.

Today, I am attending a virtual graduation ceremony with my fellow MA in Creative and Critical Writing cohort. We are a little sad not to be able to meet in person this year, but really pleased to mark our mutual achievement amidst a bizarre academic year which started with two strikes and continued with COVID-19. I wish everyone on the course the best with their future writing.

Serendipity has chosen today to also be the day when I sign with Seren Books who I am delighted to announce will be publishing my debut novel This Is Not Who We Are (June 2022). I have been partnering with Seren over the past 18 months to promote local authors through our radio/podcast Writers on Reading and have been amazed at their professionalism and the way they have continued to support their authors. It feels very special to be joining a family of authors I admire and respect in equal measures. It wasn't an obvious decision to leave a full-time job to try my hand at writing, but it felt right then and it certainly feels right now. What I have learnt? Follow your dreams, persevere, and embrace the generosity of the many wonderful people willing to help you along the way. Thank you.

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