Always wanted to write?

Writing class for developing writers

This is a six-week beginner class that can give you the boost you need. 


The sessions are built around a series of exercise prompts, and an exploration of what makes good writing. The aim is for you to play around with writing, find your voice and develop one or more pieces you can be proud of.

At the moment, the classes are delivered online - individually or in groups. Dates and time are flexible.


Joining instructions: Click CONTACT below and send your email address with the heading CLASS. I will send you a link ahead of the class, with some further details about the format.


"The course with Sophie has been absolutely incredible. It has enabled me to achieve something I have wanted to do for so long, in writing a short story and actually finishing it. Sophie is a brilliant communicator and tailored the course around me, her expert guidance has been invaluable. In sharing her experience of writing and the processes within that, it has changed my whole way of thinking. I can’t recommend Sophie’s courses and tuition highly enough."  Claire Taylor, attended in August 2020

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