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Sophie is co-hosting Writers on Reading, with the author Jonathan Macho, a radio show bringing you reviews about offbeat books they love, interviews with local authors and talks about independent publishing. 


The show airs Sundays at 6.30pm on Penarth Sounds


Join a digital classroom and develop your writing skills in a fun and informal environment, through a series of writing exercises and discussions about what makes good writing. 


For writers with an existing body of work, this class is ran as a writing group. An opportunity to share your writing with other people, receive feedback and lean on a community of likeminded people.


Sophie Buchaillard has published a number of short stories and essays and is currently working on two debut novels, Victoria and Little White Lies.

She is a contributor to the Wales Arts Review, 

a radio broadcaster for Penarth Sounds, 

member of the Welsh Writers' Group

A Zoom of Our Own

Sophie also facilitates digital workshops designed to support aspiring and established writers alike.


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"I set out on a journey, but the geography would not stay still, and I ended up somewhere I hadn't intended going."

Richard Gwyn

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