'Hiraeth' (short story)

Murmurations Magazine (Issue 2 - Autumn 2021)

Interview with Basque translator Amaia Gabantxo

in Talking Translation (Parthian - November 2021)

'This is Not Who We Are' (novel)

(Seren Books - June 2022)

"I set out on a journey, but the geography would not stay still, and I ended up somewhere I hadn't intended going."

Richard Gwyn

About the project


Talking Translation is an exciting project with Parthian Books looking to showcase the work of translation. 

Parthian Books commissioned writers, editors and organisers to sit down with a translator and delve into every aspect of what they do, looking at old and new releases along the way.


Throughout 2021, those interviews and essays will be shared online – freely available for anyone to read. 

All the interviews will then be collated into a collection, to be released in November 2021.


The aim is for these conversations to help spark some interest in the important work of translating good stories into new languages – as well as celebrate some of the brilliant books translated over the years.


To follow the conversation, go to https://talkingtranslation.org