A little about me...

My name is Sophie Buchaillard, I was born in Paris and I have lived in Bordeaux, Salamanca, Merrill (NY) and London, unintentionally settling in South Wales in 2001.


My short stories and essays have appeared in Wales Arts Review, Murmurations Magazine, the Other Side of Hope and Square Wheel Press. I co-host the Writers on Reading podcast and tutor in creative writing at Cardiff University.


My debut novel This Is Not Who We Are (Seren Books) is out in June 2022.

Interview with Basque translator Amaia Gabantxo

in Talking Translation (Parthian - November 2021)

"Metamorphosis' (short story)

The Other Side of Hope (issue 1 - Autumn 2021)

'This is Not Who We Are' (novel)

(Seren Books - June 2022)

'Revolving Doors' (short story)


Open Doors - (Parthian Books 2022)

"I set out on a journey, but the geography would not stay still, and I ended up somewhere I hadn't intended going."

Richard Gwyn