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Riverwise: Meditations on Afon Teifi by Jack Smylie Wild reflects on childhood memories, mental health and the environment through a personal take on the traditional river book...


Join a digital classroom and develop your writing skills in a fun and informal environment, through a series of writing exercises and discussions about what makes good writing. 


For writers with an existing body of work, this class is ran as a writing group. An opportunity to share your writing with other people, receive feedback and lean on a community of likeminded people.


The anthology explores a wide range of emotions and perspectives in the wake of a global pandemic.


A timely and impactful slice of humanity that encompasses love, loss, anguish, hope, and the strength of the human spirit.


My name is Sophie Buchaillard.  I publish short stories and essays looking at identity and distorted perspective (think 'outsider-looking-in'; looking glass; Claude glass etc).

My debut novel was inspired by the correspondence I kept with a pen friend from Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. One day the letters stopped and I never found out what became of her. She was only sixteen. 


Victoria is a fictionalised account of what happened to her and her family and an exploration of our global indifference through the character of Iris, a French journalist based in London who suspects her dead father might have borne some responsibility in the genocide.


It is a topical book about the importance of knowing our history and about the risk of dehumanising others which should resonate with the 2020 reader.

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"I set out on a journey, but the geography would not stay still, and I ended up somewhere I hadn't intended going."

Richard Gwyn

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