Sophie Buchaillard is a literary writer, broadcaster and essayist born and raised in Paris.

When she was eight, her estranged uncle gifted her a diary which prompted a lifetime of notebook journaling and essay writing. At the age of sixteen, she became the editor of her school paper, before taking a baccalaureate in Arts Subjects. She has lived in Paris, Bordeaux, Salamanca and London, finally settling in South Wales in 2001. 

Sophie is influenced by authors as varied as Carole Maso, Virginia Woolf, Angela Carter, Stefan Zweig, Haruki Murakami, Hélène Cixous, and Jack London. Her writing style blends her own experience of living as a migrant with an exploration of historically documented social injustice.

Feeding her observation of the world as an ‘outsider-looking-in’, Sophie has written extensively about the place of the marginalised in society.  She is currently working on two debut novels which explore different aspects of marginalisation and the effect of dehumanisation in the creation of the 'other', Victoria and Little White Lies, whilst completing her MA in Creative Writing at Cardiff University. 

Two of Sophie's short stories, Muranow's Key and Together & Apart, were recently included in Square Wheel Press Anthology One: Together and Apart (July 2020) 


She also co-hosts Writers on Reading on Penarth Sounds radio, with the author Jonathan Macho, a weekly show bringing reviews and recommendations on book they enjoyed reading, and interviews with local authors about recent or impending releases.


She is a contributor to Wales Arts Review, , member of the Welsh Writers' Group A Zoom of Our Own and an Associate Member of the Society of Authors. 



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Sophie is seeking representation.

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