Author, podcaster and essayist, Sophie Buchaillard writes literary historical fiction to bring the past to life, and auto-fiction to explore identity, belonging and otherness in the migrant experience. Born and raised in Paris, in a diasporic family spanning four continents, Sophie has lived in Bordeaux, Salamanca, Merrill (NY) and London, finally settling in South Wales in 2001. 

Sophie started to write on her eighth birthday, when an estranged uncle gifted her a handmade notebook which prompted her to collect family stories as a way to make sense of the world. After a twenty-year detour into a wide array of jobs, Sophie undertook and MA in Creative Writing. She now writes full-time, contributes to the Wales Arts Review, and Parthian's project Talking Translation, and is studying for a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing at Cardiff University

Her short stories can be found in Anthology I: Together and Apart  (Square Wheel Press, 2020)

Her debut novel is coming out in 2022 and she is currently working on a memoir.   

Sophie also co-hosts  Writers on Reading, with the author Jonathan Macho, a radio show turned podcast bringing you reviews and recommendations on book they enjoyed, interviews with local authors, poets and comics writers, and discussions with independent publishers. You can find past episodes here


In her critical work, Sophie explores the role of the novel as vehicle and guide to articulate change, using digital tools. She is looking to get involved in projects which experiment with digital storytelling. 


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