Historical Fiction

In April 1994, the plane of the President of Rwanda was shot down over Kigali. His murder sparked a mass extermination of the Tutsi population and any Hutu who supported them which lasted 100 days, led to the gruesome death of 800,000 people, and was systematically ignored by the West.

Two girls. Victoria, a Rwandan girl, refugee in the  camp of Goma, Zaïre. Iris, a French girl, living in Paris. For a few months in 1994, they exchanged an unlikely correspondence. Then one day, the letters stop. What became of Victoria? Was Iris's father somehow involved in the genocide? 

"This Is Not Who We Are is an attempt at making sense of the unthinkable and finding answers amongst the silence." 


To read more about Sophie's creative process in approaching this topic, you can read her article in the Wales Arts Review.

Sophie contributed two stories to Square Wheel Press anthology:

Muranow's Key, a short  story exploring the perspective of the outsider looking in; and Together & Apart, an essay about adapting to life as a writer in a time of COVID. 

©2020 by Sophie Buchaillard. Photos by Piotr Skoczylas.